Crisveth Ortega is a Nicaraguan-American filmmaker, born and raised in Miami, FL who is known for her independent producing and editing work, but had a knack for creating digital content, documentaries, and short films. As unique as Crisveth name is, her focus and concentration in independent filmmaking and television has lead her to have the opportunity to work on several productions including, but not limited to, Remastered, a Netflix Original Documentary series, Supermarket, a short film by Rhonda Mitrani, Outpost, a documentary series for HBO and Fusion, and most recently, Fox’s Masterchef.

Crisveth is currently living in Los Angeles, CA with her hyper but yet lovable dog named Rupert. She's currently working on developing a short film about her father experience coming to the United States and collaborating with other filmmakers.


Featured in Photographer's Forum Best of Photography 2014

Exhibited at the Lowe Art Museum for Best Artwork, 2014

Freshly Squeezed group exhibition, 2014